Habitation Certificate (iskan)

Registration of your property and paperwork is not only getting your Title Deed, or Tapu. There is another important document called Iskan. Iskan confirms the permission to use the real estate or its independent part as residential. Iskan is a technical passport of a property.

There are two types of iskân. The first is a general iskân, which is being issued for a whole building in general (a residential complex, an apartment building). The developer is getting a general iskân after completing the construction of the residential complex, it is issued only if all the construction standards have been met in the building. Also, the building must be built according to the approved plan of the city. The using of the property without this document under the legislation of the Republic of Turkey is prohibited.

The second kind of iskân is individual, or Ferdi iskân. It is being issued in the local municipality and contains full technical information about the independent part of the real estate object (separate apartment or villa): the gross apartment area including balconies, kitchen, hallway, bathrooms and the walls outside, the number of apartments in the building, the exact address, the information about the owner. Individual iskân is issued once and only when buying an apartment in a new building. When buying a resale real estate it is necessary to check whether an individual iskân has been received, and if not, whether is there a general iskan for the building.

Registration of individual iskân takes about 7-10 days, the cost of registration – from 1000 euros and above, depending on the area and characteristics of the property.

After receiving the iskân, the owner can apply for registration of the water and electricity meters, telephone and Internet on his name. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that without water and electricity meters registered on the name of the new owner, the apartment can not be used.